Benefits of Partnering with Expedition Capital Partners

While ECP may temporarily need to step into a management role within a company in which we invest, we do not expect to manage a company long term. We prefer to work actively at the board level to support strong management teams whose incentives are aligned with our own to help build the long-term value of a business. The four primary areas in which we expect to help management teams are:


Strategic Direction and Operational Guidance

¨       Partner with management to proactively set company priorities and direction

¨       Develop operating budgets in-coordination with management

¨       Act as a sounding board for management

¨       Facilitate discussions and provide advice as a board participant


Access to Capital

¨       Expand relationships with lending institutions

¨       Arrange equity investments from ECP’s investor base

¨       Diversify equity sources through co-investments with ECP’s private equity partners


Transactional Expertise

¨       Work with management to identify, diligence, structure, negotiate and finance key company transactions including mergers, add-on acquisitions, restructurings, divestitures, licenses, etc.

¨       Counsel management regarding post-transaction integration


Access to Talent

¨       Assist with recruiting needs (management and board members) and employee retention

¨       Make introductions to ECP’s industry and financial consultants, mentors and advisors