Investment Criteria

ECP is interested investing in opportunities that fit the following criteria:


Industry / Sector

¨       Significant and steady growth 

¨       Established and fragmented

¨       Low-to-moderate technology risk

¨       Low-to-moderate capital intensity



¨       Primary operations in U.S. or Canada

¨       Demonstrated history of positive cash flow and profitability

¨       Sustainable competitive advantage

¨       High percentage of recurring revenue and / or high customer renewal rates

¨       Identifiable growth and/or margin improvement opportunities


Management / Existing Ownership

¨       Open to opportunities with continuing management and senior leadership

¨       Open to opportunities in which management and owners are seeking to exit the business or focus on a particular aspect of operations

¨       Willingness to partner with ECP principals during ownership and / or transition period

¨       Interested in partnering with industry veterans to consolidate fragmented industries

¨       Experienced, driven middle-management

¨       Strong, positive employee relations 

¨       Minimum EBITDA of $2 million

¨       Strong history of profitability and positive cash flow

Investment Horizon

¨       General holding period of three to seven years

¨       Willing to hold and build positions in attractive companies indefinitely