Firm Overview

Expedition Capital Partners (“ECP”) is a private equity investment firm focused on partnering with experienced operators to acquire and grow businesses in the middle and lower middle markets.  ECP seeks to acquire or invest in private businesses that have demonstrated a history of positive cash flow where it can employ its operating partners in senior management roles to implement a specific growth thesis tailored to each situation.   


The firm’s primary goals are to:

¨       Partner with successful business owners and managers to create long-term business relationships

¨       Fortify, grow, and improve profitability of portfolio businesses to increase value

¨       Generate substantial returns for all stakeholders in ECP investments (employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and the community)


ECP’s core values are:

¨       Integrity

¨       Fairness

¨       Passion

¨       Humility

¨       Hard work

¨       Perseverance


ECP’s transactions are financed by its proprietary network of lenders and equity investors.